LEGOLAND Billund Resort

The Heart of Jutland offers a world of play. LEGO® was born right here. ‘LEGO’ stands for ‘Play Good’ in Danish. So, play is in our DNA. Play is all about sharing quality time together and being open to new impressions. Here, experiences abound. There are tummy-tickling rides and awe-inspiring zoos – and everything in-between. Come and start playing, laughing, and learning. Welcome to the world’s best family holiday destination.

A World Full of Play in Kolding
A World Full of Play in Vejle
A World Full of Play in Billund

WOW Park

Play more.
Become Smarter.

Skærup Zoo

Play wild

It’s going to be wild! Spend a day in LEGOLAND® and test your balance. Explore the LEGO® MOVIE ™ WORLD or get creative at one of the eight new LEGO-building attractions. Head into the woods where you can learn about your body at WOW PARK. Try it. Test your limits, and your balance, at full speed. Become the king of the jungle for a day. You will even get better at math while swinging in the treetops. Let your mum and dad know!

Be Happy Pass

When arriving in the Heart of Jutland, you will have the chance to get an experience pass, so you can enjoy the world’s best family holiday*- and have fun while using it. The pass covers the 15 best locations, each offering super-cool experiences. You will also get Adventure Badges. Stick them into your pass and keep track of what you have experienced*.

*You are eligible for a Be Happy Pass if you stay at one of the many popular family accommodations. See where at LEGOLAND BILLUND RESORT

WOW Park
WOW Park

Get close to big (and small) animals

Have you ever been really close to a lion? Seen it ripping away at raw meat? Or experienced wolves being fed? At GIVSKUD ZOO – ZOOTOPIA, you can get really close to wild animals. The baby ones, too. And full-sized dinosaurs. Imagine meeting live giants from the past. Think you can run from a T-rex and escape its sharp teeth? In the Heart of Jutland, you also find Skærup Zoo with rare animals. So, if you have never met anoa buffalos or ocelots before then, set aside a day for a visit. This will also give you time for a ride on one of the cute ponies.


Givskud Zoo
Skærup Zoo
Givskud Zoo
LEGO House

Experience waterfalls – with water or LEGO® bricks

Park your parents in the bubbles of the hot tub – or challenge them to a whoosh down the Tornado, one of the many waterslides at Lalandia. Here, there are splash-happy bathers of all ages. You can also try treasure dives. Will you get lucky? No matter the rain outside, here the temperature is always tropical. Also, make your way to LEGO® House where the world’s best LEGO® builders have made sculptures, buildings and figures using millions of bricks – even a giant waterfall. Get playing in the Heart of Jutland.


Billund made its mark on the world map in 1949 when Ole Kirk Christiansen invented the LEGO® brick. ‘LEGO’ is a portmanteau of ‘LEG GODT’ (i.e. ‘PLAY WELL’), a mantra that lives on in the LEGO® House and LEGOLAND®.

LEGO House
LEGO House
Lasse Hyldager

Play your way to history

More than 1,000 years ago, Denmark was ruled by Viking kings Gorm the Old, and later Harald Bluetooth. Come and explore their mighty fortress. Experience the world of the Vikings with all your senses – touch, feel and get a scare in the award-winning exhibition. Explore Harald’s secret writings and solve the exciting challenges. Or, jump back in time to the old royal castle, Koldinghus. Follow in the footsteps of Danish kings and queens and experience the castle the way it was a hundred years ago. The castle is full of riddles. Can you solve them?


Did you know that Harald Bluetooth’s fortress was surrounded by a 1.440 meter long palisade? Within the fenced area there was room for 20 football fields.

Kongernes Jelling
Peberman/Nicolai Kultur

We also play when it rains

If it’s raining cats and dogs, then join the fun. The Heart of Jutland offers plenty of opportunities on rainy days. Can you solve the riddle in the exciting escape room? Or would you prefer bouncing like crazy in an indoor trampoline park? There is also Billund, hometown of the LEGO® brick. Here, you will find LEGO® House – aka the Home of the Brick – where you can play with 25 million LEGO® bricks. Or how about a game of bowling, visiting a museum, a creative workshop, or solving a detective challenge at the science centre, Økolariet?


Did you know that Økolariet in Vejle is a unique science centre where you can learn about sustainability and the impact of humankind on tomorrow’s world?